Change in ones life and outlook comes from the mere acceptance that they are spirit and therefore ever changing. Humans resist change as a constant, inevitable, effortless act. There is a constant battle within ones innermost self to either force change or keep it at bay.

The ego has created the belief that one must ever be aware of outside forces looking to change them in a way that the ego has deemed “wrong.” The flow of change can be one of effortless acceptance however and therefore come about with complete ease and comfort into ones life.

To lessen ones own resistance to change, one need only bring consciousness to ones own inner critic. The one that tells them either, “I am the greatest,” or “I am no good.” This is the constant inner struggle that the ego has so cleverly devised to keep one at odds with themselves and therefore unconscious of the loving peace that already resides within them at this very moment.

By keeping you at odds with yourself the ego can keep your attention on extreme shortcomings, failings, and needs that it says you will not have unless you either fight to change or fight to keep change from occurring. To fight the inevitable, or to cower before it is how the ego keeps your mind off of itself, thereby allowing it to continue to control and tell you it is you and you need it.

To be one within oneself, to know oneself as spirit and therefore peaceful, loving, healthy, and abundant is to face the ego, forgive it, and accept that it is part of you. Negativity begins to cease thereafter as a result of ones own acceptance of the inner struggle that the ego deems necessary for one to be happy.

True happiness is ever present, however. One need only look within and see for themselves their full potential and wholeness of spirit. To keep your innermost self at war with your outer circumstances, decisions, and realizations is how the ego keeps wanted and unwanted change from entering ones life.

One must only stop fighting to be truly free of the resistance to change with

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True faith is inseparable from the being that is within every human. It is a natural act for human beings to live in faith of the Unknown. It is in patience that one receives the faith in existence of Spirit. It is in love that one makes the connection to have faith in that which is unseen by human eyes.

Acting on faith requires very little effort. One must only believe in oneself as indwelling God to receive the hope and everlasting love associated with faith. One must only find oneself there, in Spirit, to find that which they seek and may release themselves to in order to be comforted, directed, and perceived by Spirit as a worthy participant in the One Life that permeates all living things.

In order to achieve the presence that is needed to move forward into ones own indwelling peace, they need only be aware that that peace is already present in their own mind, body and soul at this moment. To walk with peace of mind is to show the way of faith to the outer world.

To instruct and lead one to faith, you need only believe that it is your spirit that shows the way. One need only believe that peace can be shown by way of indwelling God. It need not be forced to be accepted by the next spirit in need. Showing faith in ones life is like the being of a flower.

A flower does not know it is a flower. It does not know it is beautiful. It simply blooms without effort over time. It does not try to hurry into its bloom. It adheres without resistance to its own perfections and imperfections.

It simply acts in accordance to its own nature and thereby allows itself to BE and it naturally has faith that it will be nurtured into blooming. It doesn’t worry about how or when it will be nurtured. Liken yourself to the being of a flower in that you are perfectly flawed and no matter how undeserving you may feel, you will be nurtured to blossom, however slowly, by faith.


 To surrender and therefore relinquish the burden and illusion of control, one need only accept that control IS an illusion. One can then go on in the peace of mind that Spirit, in all its wisdom and perfection, is much better suited to handle daily life.

To act on faith in the infinite indwelling God, one must find oneself only to have already been Spirit all along. To seek God without, is to seek ones only illusion, that they are separate from God and therefore alone in their own understanding. When one finds oneself alone in their understanding, they need only bring forth faith that their being is inseparable from all life and is therefore never alone.

When one “finds” God, they are saying to themselves that God at one time was lost to them. This can never be so. The way of faith is to believe that the ever infinite indwelling God exists within at all times in all forms. One need only accept this truth to truly find oneself in the peace and presence that they carry with them always.

To show others the way of faith is to merely bring the light of consciousness to ones own peace of mind that, at this moment, resides within them. Consciousness that they are one, at this moment, with the Whole is all that is needed for a human to evolve and therefore find faith in indwelling God. To find fault in another is to take back the illusion of control to which one may so desperately hold on in order to, they think, find fulfillment.

The way of faith is to believe that all are whole and therefore connected at all times to the infinite indwelling Spirit that craves oneness, peace, prosperity, and abundance for all. It is in faith that this is so for all living things that one finds freedom from self and therefore are free to return to the Source from which they were created. Free to accept and live by faith in their own indwelling God.

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Oneness with all life can be seen in one whom has awakened to its eternal presence. Perfection is an illusion created by the ego to keep you at war with yourself and therefore separate from life. If one is constantly at odds within oneself, they can not move forward into the oneness that lies within them even in times of doubt. Telling oneself that this or that is not good enough and must be perfect is what creates separation from the Whole.

Oneness can be felt, however, as soon as one surrenders to their infinite, indwelling God which is always at peace and therefore one with the Whole at this moment. To surrender to indwelling God, one need only make peace with that warring within oneself and see the wholeness of ones own being that permeates its spirit and creates oneness therein. All beauty and perceived perfection are then seen and felt with the acceptance that they are already present and inseparable from oneself.

Oneness generates love, compassion, and forgiveness of self and of others. Oneness seeks no reward, it does not judge, label, or condemn. It simply is and can always be when one has awakened to its presence. When separate from the Whole, there lies emptiness.

That emptiness, however, can be filled at once when one considers themselves to be that which they truly are… alive. One, complete, and ever present with all Life, one can generate the greatest peace and truest perfection which is in the realization that one need not be perfect in order live. They can then pass these onto the next spirit or living thing that from which, they now realize, they were never separate.

Oneness springs forth from such realizations as these, and creates more of itself. To experience the joy and passion of oneness, you need only see that oneness is present within you right now. It is in oneness that one awakens to ones true self which is complete, whole, and absent of doubt.

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Receiving from Spirit

Receive from the Universal Mind that which is freely given. Truth, purity, cleansing of the heart, mind, body, and soul are gifts that await your mere allowance of their entry. Spirit gives freely that which is missing from ones life.

One need only accept that which is constantly trying to enter by way of spiritual grace that which one needs to be truly happy. It takes only acceptance that these things are constantly trying to enter into ones heart, mind and spirit to make one more whole in being.

Blockage of gifts from Spirit begin when one decides that they are undeserving of such things as peace, love, and abundance. To find happiness and receive that which is constantly trying to enter, one need only be aware that they are Spirit themselves and are ever being handed that which they need to live in peace and happiness.

Abundance, love and joy are not always “received,” however. They are merely realized by ones spirit to already be present in ones heart, mind, body, and soul. For there to be peace, abundance and prosperity in ones life, one need only look within themselves to find the existence of these and realize they are already present.

There is much belief that one must seek God in all things in order to receive God’s blessing and be happy. God, however, can never be lost. To open oneself to receive that which is trying to enter at this very moment, one need only accept that they are Spirit and therefore possess that which they so earnestly seek.

To realize, accept, and receive for oneself their gifts from Spirit is to only allow their presence in ones life. Thereby realizing that they were ever present and could never be lost. For true peace, joy and happiness already lie within you. And just as indwelling God can not be lost, neither can the spiritual gifts that are needed for one to be at peace in their own spirit. To receive from Spirit that which is truly needed for one to be happy, is to only realize that what is needed is present, at this moment, within.

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Humanity’s Gifts

There is a certain steady energy that encompasses all hearts and minds whom are willing to feel, see, and listen. They are awakening now to the peace and prosperity of Spirit. In order to truly awaken however, one must only BE that eternal Spirit within oneself.

Fighting to be free of restriction will only bring more doubt and fear. One must only embrace its own eternal presence. One must only be conscious of that light which shines into the other side, the side of the infinite energy that lies within all living things.

One can think with the mind of the potential within oneself, but let there be space to feel and fill the infinite rather than just look and see that which could be. Every human has the gift of foresight. In every way, there can be that eternal presence of consciousness that was gifted to every human at the time of their birth.

Use this gift in as many ways as the infinite indwelling God intended. Let there be that space that provides true freedom to awaken to these gifts that already lie within you at this moment. The space that fills with Spirit, love and light of consciousness when one frees oneself for just a moment from ones own personal struggles. To do this you need only take the time to realize you are Spirit in physical form, which is temporary.

As though one dives into the depths of Spirit to find its true peace and purpose, so must one come up for air and live a physical life from time to time. But the true Self lies in the depths of the time and space between lifetimes that one can reach into in ones own life and physical form. For however briefly one can do this in ones daily life can one also see and feel and fill that space and time which allows infinite freedom from worry, pain, and suffering.

Suffering is not personal. To ask, “why is this happening to me?” is to ask “why am I alive?” You ARE alive however, and free therefore to roam about Spirit in search of the truth. The truth that you ARE Spirit and are therefore gifted to no end with spiritual energy and infinite love of indwelling God.

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Trust In Your Own Intuition

Trust the feeling you get when you breathe deeply and relax completely. Trust yourself when your higher Mind is at work. It is the Higher Mind that works through you and from you to better your circumstances and increase your awareness and activity in spirit.

It is by actively seeking Spirit that one lets go of oneself and becomes one with the whole. The complete and surrendered You that is always at work to better your life. By trusting in your spirit rather than your conscious mind to guide you, you release yourself from daily circumstantial loss of spiritual presence. And therefore release yourself from fear of the unknown. It is in “not knowing” that one is relieved of the heaviness of possible future loss.

To manifest into ones life, that which they have deemed impossible with the conscious mind one need only check in with ones Spiritual Self periodically throughout the day. Dig deeply into your spirit and ask yourself, “is this what I want for my life?”

True change is inevitable. Your next change however can be the manifestation of a positive creation by your imagination. When one intuitively imagines what they want, and stays with that intuitive revelation, the Universe has no choice but to bring about the intuitive directive that it has received.

So allow that directive to be positive in your own life and the lives of those around you. Let the positive change flow forth into the “known” world as it began in the unknown, effortlessly, without fear or judgement. The mind can say “this is impossible,” and keep these things at bay however. Remember than in spirit all things are possible.

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Oneness and Humility

Look to comfort, and receive that which lies within you all. Being receptive to the energy that lies within is being receptive to peace and prosperity. When filled with peace and prosperity, the Spirit within can bring all that is, into physical form.

One must not let oneself be too arrogant for the gifts given in spirit. Holding to ones own true nature is being conscious of, and aware that, peace and prosperity lie within all human beings and are not confined to only the “chosen” few.

To show the way, one must be very humble in the knowing that they are not the only ones to receive such grace of Spirit. To touch on the infinite one must return to Source that which they have received in spirit. To find humility, one must own ones truly flawed personal shortcomings in order to keep the inner peace one finds within Source.

In doing so, one receives without withheld emotional, mental, or physical attachment, the abundance, that is in tune with all life, and therefore available to all. Peace and serenity lie within Source. Source is available to every living thing.

To let ones doubt of oneself be the deterring force by which one is so guided into doubt of ones own divine inner peace, already present within ones soul, is to allow oneself to feel separate and therefore afraid to receive all that comes with life. Separation is the true enemy of the Spirit.

To confine oneself to thinking it is “on its own,” is to cut off the flow of love that one can manifest into the world without effort. Being conscious of ones own oneness with all that is and ever will be, is to be aware that you are the beginning and the end of your own Universal Mind. The Mind that calls you all to itself, bathes you in its light, and sets you free from fear, doubt, and worry of future events that have yet, and may not ever come to pass, is the one true Spirit of nature.

Be humble in your findings of spiritual freedom. They are available to all and never separate or confined to only the “chosen” or “awakened” few. Therefore one must not think they are singled out by the Universe to be one with all that is. But rather only awaken to all that is within all life and therefore separate from none.

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Showing compassion to the world is like showing a child the way of unconditional love. True compassion comes without expectation of future gain. It requires nothing in return. Compassion in that you are one with all Life allows for flaws and imperfection. One must begin however by showing compassion to oneself in order to truly be compassionate to one in need. You need only look within to find your own compassion, asking, what do I need today to be wholly fulfilled so that I may overflow in giving my compassion to others? Only in ones own heart and soul, to the extent that one can love oneself, can you truly give of yourself and let your compassion flow freely. Only in that space that space that fills you with the love and light of indwelling God, can you reach your potential in giving. Do not give of yourself with reward in mind. True compassion for another is ever selfless and seeks no reward. To one whom has “awakened” to the peace and love of Spirit within, there lies the responsibility of carrying ones awakened mind to those yet to see their own innermost potential. Compassion for another, however, must start with compassion in your own Spirit, compassion for yourself.

Spiritual Honesty

Just as compassion for oneself must precede compassion for another, so must honesty with oneself precede the spreading of truth to another. What is truth? The honest admittance that you are spirit and therefore eternal. Today’s beliefs are changing in that not all continue to seek an external Higher Self. To truly awaken to ones Higher Mind or Spirit, one need only realize with honest surrender that they are complete and whole beings NOW. To walk with grace and light for all those around you in your heart is to see ones Truest Self and consciousness. Honest consciousness is the realization that one is imperfect and imperfection is unavoidable. It is in the moving of Spirit that one must connect to consciousness on its deepest and most securely honest level. To be honest with oneself in that you are who you are, flawed and imperfect, is to accept that one need not be disappointed in ones own lack of understanding of that which can not be understood by the human mind. True spiritual honesty is acceptance that the One Consciousness is perfect and need not be understood at all. Allow it to simple BE. In doing so you may awaken, within your true Self, the honest admittance that everything is in place for a reason and need only be given its chance to thrive. Your Higher Mind or indwelling God is always present, does not judge nor take too seriously that which is, and, when left to itself to BE, can thrive and manifest great change in outer circumstances. Being in truth, or honest with oneself, is but a knowing that all change of the outer starts with the Inner.

Bless you all!

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Bless You and Welcome


You all have great strength to overcome that which you have deemed impossible with your mind. Once you free your mind of any restriction or incapability, your spirit becomes one with your body, mind and soul. When this happens, there is a shift in ones consciousness that allows one to manifest ones own true capability and potential into the physical world. Ones true capability is infinite and everlasting. It does not need reassurance of itself, it simply IS and will always be. The true power of the mind comes to the forefront of ones thoughts and actions when one is led by Spirit to create what is needed in ones life and protects one from all outside restrictive influences. Let not your feelings influence your conscious manifesting mind. One must not let oneself be discouraged by the minute mundane things that the ego has created as a distraction from ones own full strength and potential.

 Leap of Faith

 It takes only faith in ones indwelling God to attract the needs and wants with which ones heart and soul are in agreement. To do this, one must only delve into ones True Self for a mere moment and realize that indwelling God has and will give that which is needed to truly be helpful to the next Spirit or conscious mind that has manifested you, in that moment, to bring whatever help, inspiration and freedom one needs to move on and truly be helpful to the next. Having faith means putting aside ones own understanding of what is thought to be “real” and concrete evidence of what one must do or be in order to survive and have peace. Presence IS peace. Understanding is what the ego will say is needed to move into true peace or consciousness in order to be happy, healthy, wealthy, free, and so on. Faith that all of those things exist within you already is the key to unlocking them for yourself and thereby will be an example to the next conscious mind of that which is, not only possible, but also true in ones own life at that moment as well. To “understand” you must make mental, emotional, and physical labels that make “sense” to ones senses. Let go of your own understanding and act on faith in your True Self, have faith in God.

 Bless you all. You are all enough in Spirit and are therefore more than worthy to have all that is truly meant for you. All that is!

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Work With Your Heart and Soul

Depending upon ones heart and mind, there is always work to be done. It is important however to leave space in between your doing and being. Let there be togetherness in your doing. Oneness with all creation and spirit. Understanding of the infinite is an understanding that your doing is wrapped in consciousness. As long as this is so, your doing will be divinely inspired and therefore divinely connected to all that is. Wrap yourself into the task at hand. You do not always know the outcome of the work you do. Divinely inspired work becomes divine inspiration for the next spirit and conscious mind to witness and ground itself in.

 Work under no circumstances with hate, contempt or resentment in what you’re doing. If this is so, come back to consciousness, come back to oneness and spiritual connection and work with love, no matter how menial or mundane your work may be. In this way, doing becomes being and the work comes with little effort. Let it flow from you as a river into the ocean, open, easy, joyful, without force. Let the work of your mind, hands, or body be the work of your heart and soul which are one with all being.

 Be honest and forthcoming

 To hold to yourself that which you know to be true in your heart is to hold within you the key to the success of another. In doing so, one interrupts ones own success. Be forthcoming with the truth of spirit, soul and consciousness. Should you not have experienced yet, the joy and awakening of another before your eyes, you will want to be honest and caring enough to share your understanding of truth. Thereafter, witness your own truth unfold as spirit will guide you to a more full connectedness with the whole, and therefore consciousness. For ones potential to be truly revealed, do not seek the success of ones own. Rather be honest enough to let the truth without ego unfold before you in helping another to realize their own potential as spirit and consciousness. Truly, oneness with all in born in sharing oneself in understanding of the light.

 Bless you all

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