You all have great strength to overcome that which you have deemed impossible with your mind. Once you free your mind of any restriction or incapability, your spirit becomes one with your body, mind and soul. When this happens, there is a shift in ones consciousness that allows one to manifest ones own true capability and potential into the physical world. Ones true capability is infinite and everlasting. It does not need reassurance of itself, it simply IS and will always be. The true power of the mind comes to the forefront of ones thoughts and actions when one is led by Spirit to create what is needed in ones life and protects one from all outside restrictive influences. Let not your feelings influence your conscious manifesting mind. One must not let oneself be discouraged by the minute mundane things that the ego has created as a distraction from ones own full strength and potential.

 Leap of Faith

 It takes only faith in ones indwelling God to attract the needs and wants with which ones heart and soul are in agreement. To do this, one must only delve into ones True Self for a mere moment and realize that indwelling God has and will give that which is needed to truly be helpful to the next Spirit or conscious mind that has manifested you, in that moment, to bring whatever help, inspiration and freedom one needs to move on and truly be helpful to the next. Having faith means putting aside ones own understanding of what is thought to be “real” and concrete evidence of what one must do or be in order to survive and have peace. Presence IS peace. Understanding is what the ego will say is needed to move into true peace or consciousness in order to be happy, healthy, wealthy, free, and so on. Faith that all of those things exist within you already is the key to unlocking them for yourself and thereby will be an example to the next conscious mind of that which is, not only possible, but also true in ones own life at that moment as well. To “understand” you must make mental, emotional, and physical labels that make “sense” to ones senses. Let go of your own understanding and act on faith in your True Self, have faith in God.

 Bless you all. You are all enough in Spirit and are therefore more than worthy to have all that is truly meant for you. All that is!

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