Receive from the Universal Mind that which is freely given. Truth, purity, cleansing of the heart, mind, body, and soul are gifts that await your mere allowance of their entry. Spirit gives freely that which is missing from ones life.

One need only accept that which is constantly trying to enter by way of spiritual grace that which one needs to be truly happy. It takes only acceptance that these things are constantly trying to enter into ones heart, mind and spirit to make one more whole in being.

Blockage of gifts from Spirit begin when one decides that they are undeserving of such things as peace, love, and abundance. To find happiness and receive that which is constantly trying to enter, one need only be aware that they are Spirit themselves and are ever being handed that which they need to live in peace and happiness.

Abundance, love and joy are not always “received,” however. They are merely realized by ones spirit to already be present in ones heart, mind, body, and soul. For there to be peace, abundance and prosperity in ones life, one need only look within themselves to find the existence of these and realize they are already present.

There is much belief that one must seek God in all things in order to receive God’s blessing and be happy.¬†God, however, can never be lost. To open oneself to receive that which is trying to enter at this very moment, one need only accept that they are Spirit and therefore possess that which they so earnestly seek.

To realize, accept, and receive for oneself their gifts from Spirit is to only allow their presence in ones life. Thereby realizing that they were ever present and could never be lost. For true peace, joy and happiness already lie within you. And just as indwelling God can not be lost, neither can the spiritual gifts that are needed for one to be at peace in their own spirit. To receive from Spirit that which is truly needed for one to be happy, is to only realize that what is needed is present, at this moment, within.

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