Depending upon ones heart and mind, there is always work to be done. It is important however to leave space in between your doing and being. Let there be togetherness in your doing. Oneness with all creation and spirit. Understanding of the infinite is an understanding that your doing is wrapped in consciousness. As long as this is so, your doing will be divinely inspired and therefore divinely connected to all that is. Wrap yourself into the task at hand. You do not always know the outcome of the work you do. Divinely inspired work becomes divine inspiration for the next spirit and conscious mind to witness and ground itself in.

 Work under no circumstances with hate, contempt or resentment in what you’re doing. If this is so, come back to consciousness, come back to oneness and spiritual connection and work with love, no matter how menial or mundane your work may be. In this way, doing becomes being and the work comes with little effort. Let it flow from you as a river into the ocean, open, easy, joyful, without force. Let the work of your mind, hands, or body be the work of your heart and soul which are one with all being.

 Be honest and forthcoming

 To hold to yourself that which you know to be true in your heart is to hold within you the key to the success of another. In doing so, one interrupts ones own success. Be forthcoming with the truth of spirit, soul and consciousness. Should you not have experienced yet, the joy and awakening of another before your eyes, you will want to be honest and caring enough to share your understanding of truth. Thereafter, witness your own truth unfold as spirit will guide you to a more full connectedness with the whole, and therefore consciousness. For ones potential to be truly revealed, do not seek the success of ones own. Rather be honest enough to let the truth without ego unfold before you in helping another to realize their own potential as spirit and consciousness. Truly, oneness with all in born in sharing oneself in understanding of the light.

 Bless you all

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