Humanity is waking up today. They are more susceptible to things like psychic phenomena. They are more aware of the infinite love and abundance they have always had at their finger tips. Human beings are more capable than ever before. They are allowing themselves to be more vulnerable. Thus, they are leaving themselves open to receive more joy and love than ever before. On the flip side, they are also feeling more fear, anger, greed and the like. The trick is to leave yourself open so that God’s love within can flow out and bless those around you. At the same time you must protect yourself from allowing the things you don’t want to manifest from coming in. Unfortunately, you would not know something was positive with no negative to which you could compare. Fortunately for humanity, there will always be a negative comparison in our past. History will show you what you do not want and give you something to which you can say “no, not again.” In that way, there will always be a negative for comparison. Do not worry about your children any more in this time. It is fully understood by us, that telling the mother of a teenager not to worry about her child when they leave the house is like telling the sky not to be blue. But, there will come a time when society and its warring fragments will subside and there will come a peace over humanity. There will never be such a thing as utopia, as human choice is still a part of life. But, in just a few decades, human choice will begin changing of its own. The planet must be cared for, yes. But, to think that humans will outlive earth and have to find another home is preposterous. Mother earth will always regenerate anew. Our part in keeping it in alignment with the support of human life will be simplified in the end. All that you see with earth advocates now, is actually bringing that about, so please do not discount what they say.

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