Doing the simplest thing leads to more presence in and out of ones own life. To provide presence, sit in non-judgment, and fill ones soul with the everlasting flame of forgiveness, that is the way of life and living of the light that is so needed now on the planet.

To give ones time and patience to another, to run with them, to care for them, to hold their hand through the times of great need that they will encounter is to imprint oneself onto the pages of the book of life.

It is by exchange and courage that one overcomes their own personal battle. To relinquish and surrender ones control to the present moment is to honor those spirits yet to find their own peace and abundance of power and love. To encourage on to find their own peace is to become one with the Light and give in service of those less fortunate.

To those whom have yet to awaken we say that there is time. Time is the only factor in which one might always be willing and accepting of the things that bind them. Once a bind is accepted there is no stopping the overwhelming joy that resonates and provides spiritual shelter in ones life.

When one is considered “honest to a fault” it is the acceptance of ones own shortcomings that keep them free of self-judgment and condemnation. To condemn oneself to the fear and strong will they may possess is to limit oneself in spirit. And there is no limit to ones own spirit. That they may be honest and forthcoming without fear of punishment or denial of their gifts is the pathway to understanding and all knowing wonder that pervades the human spirit.

It is in patience for oneself that true spiritual honor is felt and with that patience for oneself can one show patience to another and they, in turn, to someone else. With a moments patience, one may find that their needs are not their own. That there is love and joy in ones acceptance of self as Spirit is the crux of awakening and peace for all those encountered.

It is our mission to express such patience, honor, and understanding so that one may live a life of wonder and amazement. When wonder and amazement are lost there lies a spiritual sickness to be tended to with care and it is to be shared with glory whatever “failure” is brought about in such a way as to relinquish the view of wholeness.

To be whole, one need only peer into the infinite and see themselves as just as Divine and prevalent as the teacher of these things in ones life. The teacher is both victim and villain, light and dark, holy and cursed, dim and bright, careful and rough, naked and clothed, close and distant.

The teacher must always remember to be honorable in his/her teachings as one is honorable in stating the truth of all of that which they are one. The truth can be clear and murky, hidden and easy to find, important and irrelevant.

Truth is of itself ever changing and yet solid and strong for all those whom seek it. In ones own life, truth will be presented time and time again until it is accepted fully as something that can be changed and or re-mastered for those whom have found their way. It is an honorable thing to share truth with another, indeed, but until truth is accepted in a way that one sees as undeniable, truth may be hidden.

When the truth is forced into existence, when it is given precedence over the uncertainty of ones own shaky understanding, it will then manifest into the world effortlessly. For one to find their own truth, which may be different from others, is to teach one the meaning of fellowship and friendship, and to honor one on their journey.

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