Change in ones life and outlook comes from the mere acceptance that they are spirit and therefore ever changing. Humans resist change as a constant, inevitable, effortless act. There is a constant battle within ones innermost self to either force change or keep it at bay.

The ego has created the belief that one must ever be aware of outside forces looking to change them in a way that the ego has deemed “wrong.” The flow of change can be one of effortless acceptance however and therefore come about with complete ease and comfort into ones life.

To lessen ones own resistance to change, one need only bring consciousness to ones own inner critic. The one that tells them either, “I am the greatest,” or “I am no good.” This is the constant inner struggle that the ego has so cleverly devised to keep one at odds with themselves and therefore unconscious of the loving peace that already resides within them at this very moment.

By keeping you at odds with yourself the ego can keep your attention on extreme shortcomings, failings, and needs that it says you will not have unless you either fight to change or fight to keep change from occurring. To fight the inevitable, or to cower before it is how the ego keeps your mind off of itself, thereby allowing it to continue to control and tell you it is you and you need it.

To be one within oneself, to know oneself as spirit and therefore peaceful, loving, healthy, and abundant is to face the ego, forgive it, and accept that it is part of you. Negativity begins to cease thereafter as a result of ones own acceptance of the inner struggle that the ego deems necessary for one to be happy.

True happiness is ever present, however. One need only look within and see for themselves their full potential and wholeness of spirit. To keep your innermost self at war with your outer circumstances, decisions, and realizations is how the ego keeps wanted and unwanted change from entering ones life.

One must only stop fighting to be truly free of the resistance to change with

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