Joy in abundance comes with its own patient understanding of that which one may deem themselves unworthy to receive. To be abundant in all areas of life one need only find within them the joy and peace that God has so graciously given all those experiencing human form.

Test all of your perceived weaknesses that they may become strengths. In abundance of strength one will find that their beautiful spirit has the highest good to offer of themselves. To be at peace with ones own abundant life and abundant love, one need only pray for and surrender to ones own spiritual acceptance.

The ones best suited for leadership are those whom have accepted their inner strength and that they are always in alignment with the Creative Force beyond their disbelief in themselves as all knowing and accomplishing Spirit. To go within and find ones true calling in the Divine nature of their own love and understanding of all who live at this time, is to accept themselves as divine as well.

To run from that which the Divine has called one to know themselves as,  is to live in fear of that which is ever seeking to fulfill them in body and mind. Know that there is comfort and assurance in ones realization of the path they have received by way of indwelling Spirit to show the way to another. Ever present, and always seeking to reveal Itself, the Universe will protect and guide unrelentingly to one in need of comfort.

Providing comfort and reassurance in the lives of others is to pass along the great gift given to those that need it most. It is also to receive that comfort and reassurance in ones own Spirit and to bring about change for themselves and in the One Life that binds and surrounds them in the Whole.

Leadership means putting aside ones personal struggles, creating a bond of infinite understanding with their truth, and being in the presence of God, which in turn, leads another to their own understanding of this.

To put pressure on such an endeavor, to force it into existence, to blame or try to give meaning to it, is to close and minimize it to a human standard. Which will, in turn, render it useless and impossible to lead another to by way of example.

For one to find their own inner leader and share its patience, abundance of peace of mind, soul, and spirit in the ones seeking these things is for them to love themselves as divine and have it to offer the next receptive energy. It is the energy of the One Life that creates and gives freely to one in need of Its presence. It gives freely through the indwelling Leader that shows the way to all by the mere presence and inner peace of the leader who accepts and radiates these things effortlessly.

Do not let your doubt frighten you into disbelief in yourself or indwelling God. Let there be unceasing faith in oneself, faith that as human beings, there is ever present oneness with all life that can be carried to and shared with all other seeking, living spirits.

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