True faith is inseparable from the being that is within every human. It is a natural act for human beings to live in faith of the Unknown. It is in patience that one receives the faith in existence of Spirit. It is in love that one makes the connection to have faith in that which is unseen by human eyes.

Acting on faith requires very little effort. One must only believe in oneself as indwelling God to receive the hope and everlasting love associated with faith. One must only find oneself there, in Spirit, to find that which they seek and may release themselves to in order to be comforted, directed, and perceived by Spirit as a worthy participant in the One Life that permeates all living things.

In order to achieve the presence that is needed to move forward into ones own indwelling peace, they need only be aware that that peace is already present in their own mind, body and soul at this moment. To walk with peace of mind is to show the way of faith to the outer world.

To instruct and lead one to faith, you need only believe that it is your spirit that shows the way. One need only believe that peace can be shown by way of indwelling God. It need not be forced to be accepted by the next spirit in need. Showing faith in ones life is like the being of a flower.

A flower does not know it is a flower. It does not know it is beautiful. It simply blooms without effort over time. It does not try to hurry into its bloom. It adheres without resistance to its own perfections and imperfections.

It simply acts in accordance to its own nature and thereby allows itself to BE and it naturally has faith that it will be nurtured into blooming. It doesn’t worry about how or when it will be nurtured. Liken yourself to the being of a flower in that you are perfectly flawed and no matter how undeserving you may feel, you will be nurtured to blossom, however slowly, by faith.


 To surrender and therefore relinquish the burden and illusion of control, one need only accept that control IS an illusion. One can then go on in the peace of mind that Spirit, in all its wisdom and perfection, is much better suited to handle daily life.

To act on faith in the infinite indwelling God, one must find oneself only to have already been Spirit all along. To seek God without, is to seek ones only illusion, that they are separate from God and therefore alone in their own understanding. When one finds oneself alone in their understanding, they need only bring forth faith that their being is inseparable from all life and is therefore never alone.

When one “finds” God, they are saying to themselves that God at one time was lost to them. This can never be so. The way of faith is to believe that the ever infinite indwelling God exists within at all times in all forms. One need only accept this truth to truly find oneself in the peace and presence that they carry with them always.

To show others the way of faith is to merely bring the light of consciousness to ones own peace of mind that, at this moment, resides within them. Consciousness that they are one, at this moment, with the Whole is all that is needed for a human to evolve and therefore find faith in indwelling God. To find fault in another is to take back the illusion of control to which one may so desperately hold on in order to, they think, find fulfillment.

The way of faith is to believe that all are whole and therefore connected at all times to the infinite indwelling Spirit that craves oneness, peace, prosperity, and abundance for all. It is in faith that this is so for all living things that one finds freedom from self and therefore are free to return to the Source from which they were created. Free to accept and live by faith in their own indwelling God.

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