How do I book an appointment?

  1. Pre-pay on the site on the ‘Book Now‘ link
  2. Appointments are by Skype/Facetime. Skype/Facetime, calls do not in any way diminish the information that I receive on your behalf.
  3. There will be a 25% prorate charge added to all readings done outside regular business hours.

What are your hours?
Monday-Friday 10 am – 6 pm

What if I need to cancel?

Please allow 48 hours to give me the opportunity to fill the time slot. Cancellations with less notice will not be refunded.

What if I’m late or I forget about my appointment?
Please email if you know you are going to be late. If you do not show up for your appointment you forfeit your non-refundable appointment fee.

I’ve never met with a psychic medium, what can I expect?
It’s my hope that your reading feels like an enlightening conversation with an old friend. Folks frequently want insight into their love lives, career, moving plans or are interested in my mediumship service (connecting with the energy of deceased loved ones). It is my sincere hope that you leave our conversation feeling a sense of clarity, peace, assurance and sense of direction moving forward.

What if you see something scary in my future?
I have a deal with my spirit guides to steer clear of doom and gloom, that said, if I get specific information on situations to avoid, I’ll share that with you.   

How does it work?
I take a few deep breaths, invite a meditative state and internally ask spirit to inform me, regarding the answers to your questions. When I’m in that meditative space, I encourage my clients to ask questions – at any time. Asking questions helps keep the flow of information coming. The feedback I get:

  • Is usually very visual in nature, rich with symbolism. I then decipher the symbolism and relate to you its application to your life.
  • Occasionally spirit relay specific names or dates.
  • Deceased relatives and close companions have revealed themselves to me, but this is no guarantee of what will come forth for you. I don’t have control over who comes in, what they choose to share with me or if anyone comes at all. We can simply invite and see what happens.
  • I give you everything that I get, exactly as I get it with aforementioned symbolism explained.

Can I come with a friend or partner?
As long as you are all in alignment, and have a shared strategy on what questions you want answered, then I am ok with couples or small groups of no more than 4 people. The ultimate objective is to all be on the same page and avoid split energies in the room.

Do you do parties?
I’m sorry not to offer party readings as I have an intimate style in which I prefer to work with clients.