If you had a short time to live what would you do? Would you solve all the problems that have solutions for all those you love? Would you skydive or fly fish for the first time. Maybe at an AA meeting, you’ll find people who can be there for you, love you, you could be of service at support groups.

The Words of a Dying Man

The words of a dying man differ greatly from the words of someone who still thinks he has time. A dying man can see that there is time to be right and time to let others be wrong. One dying, in fact, can see that there is more time than ever for goodness and love.

Time and Wasted Emotion

A dying man who has fully accepted his time left moves with ease. He sees that even though his time is short, time is only relative and doesn’t really matter. He begins to see how much subtle movement was wasted in anger or resentment, the kind that would weaken him. His movement becomes like water, wherever it flows, the dying man goes. He no longer needs to fight against the current in order to feel superior or accomplished.

Acceptance and Creativity

He needs not recognition, and in some cases despises it, a man of pure harmonious death. A man at the end of his life whom has fully accepted death, needs no parades in his honor. He needs nothing but more creative ways to love those around him again and again. His desire is to create new ways to show love, but not just the ones who love him.

A Love of all Things

There is an exposure to a true love of a loved one when the time is short. There is a different exposure to it, however, as Love is not limited to the human plane, a Love of all things in existence is exposed. It carries over for millennia in some cases. Love is so strong, in fact, it still burns brightly throughout history, a love of two people can be seen and witnessed and felt for as long as we’ve known. True love lives on, relationship or not. When you bind to someone mutually you imprint something in spirit that can not be explained in words or destroyed somehow. A dying man sees this love most clearly.

The Secrets of the Dying

His desires change and he no longer cares about petty things. To the dying man, all things have purpose. To listen to the dying pray, speak of that which was taboo, and what a waste of time it was to not speak your mind. To live in a manner that you haven’t much time on earth is to unlock the secrets of the dying. They are careful, calm, serene and at peace when they have fully embraced their death. From a dying man’s heart to his mouth comes the magic of God.

Learn the ways of the Dying Man

Listen to the dying, for they are closer to Spirit than we are. Listening To the words of a dying man is like hearing a sound made only once, just for you. Do not judge the sound though it may take you by surprise. Accept the dying as you would accept the life of a new child. Their teachings are beyond what we, with our limited feelings, can know until we are dead ourselves.

To pretend, to fantasize death is to open oneself to a new teaching. A new message. One that only the dead or dying may know. To experience the kind of love that is exposed when one knows of their short time to live is to experience a new form of inner peace.

To dance with the dying, to embrace their closeness to spirit is to truly love with oneness and let go of the separation by which we hide.

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