Oneness with all life can be seen in one whom has awakened to its eternal presence. Perfection is an illusion created by the ego to keep you at war with yourself and therefore separate from life. If one is constantly at odds within oneself, they can not move forward into the oneness that lies within them even in times of doubt. Telling oneself that this or that is not good enough and must be perfect is what creates separation from the Whole.

Oneness can be felt, however, as soon as one surrenders to their infinite, indwelling God which is always at peace and therefore one with the Whole at this moment. To surrender to indwelling God, one need only make peace with that warring within oneself and see the wholeness of ones own being that permeates its spirit and creates oneness therein. All beauty and perceived perfection are then seen and felt with the acceptance that they are already present and inseparable from oneself.

Oneness generates love, compassion, and forgiveness of self and of others. Oneness seeks no reward, it does not judge, label, or condemn. It simply is and can always be when one has awakened to its presence. When separate from the Whole, there lies emptiness.

That emptiness, however, can be filled at once when one considers themselves to be that which they truly are… alive. One, complete, and ever present with all Life, one can generate the greatest peace and truest perfection which is in the realization that one need not be perfect in order live. They can then pass these onto the next spirit or living thing that from which, they now realize, they were never separate.

Oneness springs forth from such realizations as these, and creates more of itself. To experience the joy and passion of oneness, you need only see that oneness is present within you right now. It is in oneness that one awakens to ones true self which is complete, whole, and absent of doubt.

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