Yesterday’s negative impact on today’s life is fear of repetition. To be free, one must truly act as one within oneself that which it is so negatively told is separate from ones own soul. To be one within you must only let that which you need to be realized is already alive within you. If you have trouble disconnecting from yesterday’s negativity, it is hard to bring positive influence into today’s life and surroundings.

Through meditation, prayer and connection of soul and spirit to Source energy, one may feel energized and elated one day, and completely drained and anxious the next. To be one within oneself, to truly embrace the connection of spirit, mind and body, one need see their own connection to the love and light that constantly surrounds them.

There is great beauty in spiritual awareness when one opens oneself to their own nature and connection to the Whole. When connected to Source, let there shine through, the everlasting peace and protection that Spirit offers through ones own individual method. All help for another is divinely channeled and therefore worthy of its place in existence with the living world.

Having a positive outlook in ones own affairs gives way, and opens new channels for improvement in the common good of all. Therefore being in a state of positivity is being in a state of giving peace and protection to, and through Spirit. This completely changes ones outer circumstances for the better in that it uses ones own connection in connecting others.

There is little effort required for one to be a positive influence in the spirit world and therefore a positive influence in the physical world. To find one who radiates positivity, one need only look to their inner Source. In finding it within oneself, one may then pass it along to the next by way of believing in it. However, its movement to the next may go unnoticed, in many ways, by outer standards, making one feel discouraged that their positive vibration was not felt.

A positive spiritual vibration however, no matter how small, is always felt by the One invisible Force by which all things are connected and, therefore, is ever present in the One Life that is felt by all, forever thereafter. Being a positive influence within oneself is all that is needed to awaken the spiritual Mind to bring about new life and love to all.

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