There is much to be said about the timing of spiritual awakening and transformation in ones life. To be truly patient, one need only allow whatever disturbances occur to be stepping stones in ones mind and life. The natural order of things is always at play.

Spiritual timing is much different from human timing. The human response is to have things now as they are to believe time is short. There will be as much time as is needed to work, get to know someone, find your inner you, and connect with your spiritual self however. Patience is not what is needed, it is faith that is needed. Faith that everything in the universe is working toward something positive in one who seeks positivity.

No matter how many times one may fail staying positive will always, in some way, yield positive results in the end. One need only have faith in their Highest Self to reveal that which is being given to them even now as they read this.

To allow faith into ones life one must trust that even the gravest of circumstances are working to better them. Trust becomes an issue when there is lack of something needed in ones life for what they deem to be “too long.” There is only need of faith that ones true self is ever being taught and cared for by way of spiritual transformation and change.

One may work hard to fight change at the time of its arrival.

Change is inevitable, however.

Learning to cope with change as it arises is a skill that can be mastered by the awakened mind. In having faith that outer circumstances are working for the better, one begins to embrace change as the beautiful process that is life itself.

In doing so, one may find that they are completely out of control in some areas of ones life. To awaken to the Divine and embrace that which is ever coming up again and again in ones life; a lesson, a person, words, and so on, one may find oneself simply accepting that they are Divine themselves and perfectly capable of dealing with whatever change arises.

It is when change seems to conflict with something that looked perfect to someone that there tends to be perceived need to resist that which is attempting to better them through change. Faith that all change in the outer is in perfect timing and alignment with the Whole is all that is needed to break free ones own resistance and therefore lack of patience with oneself as Spirit.

Time has come to free them all of such resistance. When surrender occurs by way of faith in what is, and that everything positively sought is on its way to them, change and transformation can begin with much greater ease and comfort. It is timing that brings happiness and perspective into ones life.

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