Psychic Medium vs Tarot Card Reader

It’s funny because I feel like there is an all-encompassing Factor. So, a medium is a psychic with the ability to speak to the dead. All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. Tarot card readers are just as useful as regular psychics for whatever purpose. I think there is too much competition in this industry already so I wouldn’t necessarily want to make it seem as though I’m better than a tarot reader. I have mutual respect for all of those who work to inspire. I try to make no distinction I have all the “Clairs”, clairvoyant, clear audience, Claire sentient, Claire cognizant, empathy, compassion, non-reaction. I would remain in the place of peace that is activated within me when a new possibility is formed within them. I find myself chasing the feeling I get when I accept someone fully without judgment or expectation of future gain. When they find out that they were unable to hide the things about themselves they believe are the most deplorable and I still accept them, it’s the feeling of completion with them then I feel that within me, I would stay in that for the rest of my life if I could. For now, I just make it happen as often as possible.

Taylor Brearley

How Can I Help You

I tune into the World of Spirit to connect to your loved ones that have passed over.  I don’t claim to know the future, I don’t claim to have any magic powers.  I simply communicate with the Spirit World and relay the information I receive.


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Taylor and his clients have provided real readings to show how Taylor can communicate with the spirit world and share that information.


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